Keeley Hazell Sex Tape

May 9th, 2010

It has really been a trend recently with all this sex tape scandals of famous celebs. I think all these scandals existed way back then but it did not reach the public because there is no cheap video recorder or video phone back then. Also there’s no Internet back then. When you are famous, fame and sex is a common thing I guess. I am so happy when Keeley Hazell joins the ranks of CELEBS WITH SEX TAPE.

I know I will never get to have sex with Keeley Hazell in my life time, but with the sex tape, at least I don’t have to close my eyes and imagine Kelly Hazell giving me a blow job. I still feel envious though that the bloke in the video is not me, but hey, I am being practical. I just gotta be practical and since I know I will never get to feel her boobs with my own hands or she sucking my cock, but at least now I know how she does it and I can wank to that.


Keeley Hazell Nude Pictures

May 9th, 2010

After getting the media attention in the US, the paparazzi began to dig all her past and found many self made nude pictures of herself. Here are some of the pictures that is commonly seen in Britain but new to America.

I did my own research on the Internet on found this site called CelebsOnly where it has the sex tape of Keeley Hazel. The site features also a lot of the famous celebs sex tapes.

I just love to see a girl with pretty face like Keeley Hazell and having 100% natural big boobs. It turned me on a little bit more when she is famous and she has some dirty self made pictures and sex tape of herself. Just try to visit CelebsOnly as the site offers $1 trial to let the members check out what is there in the member area.

Hot British model Keeley Hazell

May 9th, 2010

I have always been a fan of British model Keeley Hazell. She is one of the hottest girl from Britain and shot to fame world wide when she joined the elite group of celebs having a sex tape.

Keeley Hazell has a very pretty face and her boobs looks like 100% original. Keeley Hazell gained popularity as a glamor model featuring in Britain’s cover magazines and has won many competitions. When she was working as a hairdresser, it is her friend that encourage her to send in her photos to join all this competitions. She announced that she will retire from modeling and will take acting lessons to try her luck on becoming an actress in Hollywood. She is currently in US taking acting lessons and with such a beautiful face, Keeley is definitely getting the attention of the media.

There has been talk that the popular TV series Baywatch will be made into a movie and Keeley Hazell will star in the lead role.